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Soccer Predictions1x2 Summary

Soccer Predictions1x2

Soccer Predictions1x2

Let’s begin with two 6-point team soccer predictions (-10). As you may already be aware, in order to break even at -110, you must win 52.38% of your soccer predictions. To calculate this, divide risk by return, where return is calculated as stake plus win. For instance, if a bettor stakes $110 hoping to win $100 and receives a return of $210, the math is as follows: $110 stake/$210 return = 0.5238, and the percentage is 52.38%. “Both ” of the legs must win often for a soccer prediction to break even. Before we can do any kind of statistical analysis of soccer predictions, we need to ask ourselves, “How often must each leg separately win in order to have a 52.38% victory rate?”

We need to know the integer that, when multiplied by itself, equals 0.5238 in order to calculate this. The result of taking the square root of 0.7237 is 0.5238: 0.7237 x 0.7237. This indicates that each soccer prediction must win 72.37% of the time on average in order for the teaser bet to have a neutral (break even) expectation. To avoid getting too mathematical, I’ll keep it straightforward and suggest you Google “Moneyline Converter,” enter 72.37%, and note that this amounts to a moneyline of -262 in American odds notation.

It has finally been determined how to play the two team six point soccer prediction at -110. We have a two-team parlay with a -262 per team. Instead of charging us the standard -110) per point, the bookmaker offered us six points for 152 cents each.

The same math can also be used to solve other soccer predictions. We’ll look at a three-team soccer prediction at +180 as an additional example. With these odds, $100 must be bet in order to win $180, making a winning soccer prediction wager $280 (our $100 bet plus the $180 win). 100/280=0.35714 is the result of the break-even calculation, which divides risk by return. We need to figure out which soccer prediction, multiplied three times, equals 0.35714 because this teaser features three teams. According to our cube root calculator, the answer in this situation is 0.7095 x 0.7095 x 0.7095. As a result, each soccer prediction of a three-team six-point teaser must win 70.95% of the time to be equal.

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